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The premier site for supporting our communities, entrepreneurs and the business that makes San Diego great!  As you see below we promote, feature and applaud Small Business San Diego on a “local” level. SanDiegoCounty4sale will showcase local business owners of all industries.  Small Business San Diego is everything from real estate, retail, restaurants and recreation.  A well deserved spotlight for Financial and Fitness health entrepreneurs along with a special section devoted to senior services and charitable venues. It is our hope that you get to know some of the amazing entrepreneurs and pillars of the communities that make San Diego the jewel of Southern California.  We are all familiar with the mantra of supporting Small Business America.  Please join us in supporting Small Business San Diego.

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  • SRES, Retirement Decisions, Senior Retirement Strategy

Housing Transition

Time to Consider a Housing Transition One person's time is not another's.  That may be a short answer but the time to consider a housing transition can be based on current level of activity, privacy, independence, safety along with anticipated level of necessary health care. How can a Senior Real Estate Specialist help? A specialist can provide insight and experience in [...]

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  • Dog Surfing

Dog Surfing

  • Retirement Strategy, Reverse lender for you

Retirement Strategy

Senior Strategy using a Reverse Mortgage.. Is the largest asset in your estate your home?  Is the equity of your home the biggest part of your net worth.  Is your equity part of your retirement strategy?  There may be reasons why a retiree might consider tapping into their equity.  The obvious is to maintain or enrich their quality of life. [...]

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Trusted Financial Services are experienced professionals serving their clients and supporting the communities of San Diego

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…is about seeking the quality of life you deserve!

Senior Services

Trusted Senior Services are experienced professionals serving their clients and supporting the communities of San Diego

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  • Elder & Estate Planning Attorneys